Kosher Certifications

The spices, seeds and herbs we sell are dried natural botanical products. We add no additives, preservatives, or anticaking agents and use our processing machines for these botanicals exclusively. Therefore, these products can be considered Kosher.

Domestically produced items that are mechanically dried, such as Basil, Garlic, Onion, Parsley etc. should have Rabbinical supervision. These should be marked on the containers and certificates are in our files. However, for Passover, additional supervision is required.

Companies with Passover requirements can arrange specific needs before the last week in November. This will allow enough time to make the appropriate arrangements with specific supervising organizations for the special cleaning and processing necessary.

Our warehouse and production area is available for inspection by your Rabbinic supervisors and we welcome calls from your supervising Rabbi or organization.

Cleaning and Processing facilities on site

Innovative research and development creating products for specific needs

Hablamos Espanol

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